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Nintendo Switch

Child of Light: Ultimate Edition

Own the Child of Light: Ultimate Edition with the full game plus seven add-on content packs. Encounter eccentric creatures, from wicked witches to evil sea serpents, and discover the vast land of Lemuria. Fight alongside your allies to upgrade your stats, unlock unique abilities, and use unique gems to improve your skills. Work together with your allies to solve puzzles and search for mysteries. Experience a story carefully crafted in verse and rhyme with an original soundtrack.

The Ultimate Edition includes:

- The Golem’s Plight Pack
- The Light Aurora Pack
- The Dark Aurora Pack
- The Rough Oculi Pack
- The Tumbled Oculi Pack
- The Faceted Oculi Pack
- The Stardust Pack

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Role-playing (RPG)
Single player

Identified as the Child of Light and granted the power of flight, Aurora takes on the minions of Lemuria's Dark Queen to recover the sun, the moon, and the stars. Along the way she'll discover that her destiny may be far greater than she dreamed.

Child of Light: Ultimate Edition artwork