Nintendo Switch


Collapsus is a brand new, award-winning, block crunching puzzle game centered around a unique risk-reward, resource management mechanic as well as a brand new device rotation mechanic! In the full version you can, tilt, turn, flip, and crunch your way through: - 3 Standard difficulties and 2 unlockable difficulties - Timed and Untimed options - 25 Challenge modes and - 25 “Plus” modes to push your skills to the next level - Super mellow Zen mode - 300 mind-bending single screen Puzzles - Online Puzzle Maker, so you can make and share your own puzzles online - Unique daily puzzles - Online Leaderboards for each mode - Over 200 interesting, challenging Medals - Up to 8 player local & online Battle mode - Full colorblindness accessibility modes

Single player
Collapsus artwork