Nintendo Switch


Altero is an atmospheric puzzle platformer game that will tease your brain! Control Adi the voodoo doll and accept to sacrifice yourself in order to team up with your past.

Dive deep into the darkness of the Sorrow forest and rescue the lost souls to find your peace.

Single player

Free the spirit of a little boy called Adi, entrapped in a voodoo doll damned to roam the Sorrow Forest. Unite Life and Death in an innovative gameplay with splendid visuals and soundtrack, this is what truly confers Altero its uniqueness. Challenge your best logical skills controlling Adi the voodoo doll and its ghost embodying your past actions to solve a variety of puzzles. Figure out the series of actions to accomplish with the appropriate timing, and sacrifice yourself to face the obstacles as somehow two players. But don't forget to rescue the lost souls along your way out of the Sorrow forest, it is the only truthful path to redemption. - Secondary goals: rack your brains on optional ferociously complex puzzles - Card and badges: get rewarded for your endeavor with stunning cards and badges - Achievements: hit the hidden depths of the Sorrow forest and unlock Steam achievements

Altero artwork