🌍 Oct. 5, 2023
Nintendo Switch

Black Witchcraft

Lady Ligeia, the legendary and magnificent witch, welcome to the House of Usher. Roderick Usher is scheming to resurrect the wicked witch Lenore. We are in dire need of your great Machina magic. Please save us.

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Role-playing (RPG)
Single player

Demons have been unleashed in the House of Usher. The raven-haired witch, Ligeia, suddenly awakens in an unknown body into which she was resurrected by means of the Black Witchcraft known as "Rebirth." It was a feat carried out by a young girl named Madeline, with help from the Raven Demon, in all desperation to stop the madness of her brother, Roderick. Not at all enthusiastic at first, Ligeia is persuaded with an upfront compensation from the Raven Demon, to stop the resurrection of a dangerous witch, Lenore, and sets out for the House of Usher accompanied by Durahan, a magic briefcase. After arriving at the mansion, Ligeia gets entangled in Roderick's scheme to release Lenore...

Black Witchcraft artwork