🌍 May 9, 2024
Nintendo Switch

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns

Grab your blaster, join Contra Force, and be the bullet hell in Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns

Assemble a squad of classic Characters and arm yourself with an explosive arsenal of arcade weaponry in this action packed expansion for Vampire Survivors. Blast through thousands of fearsome foes and bonkers bosses from throughout the lauded lineage of Contra games. Persist determinedly through prodigious stages inspired by iconic Konami series, but be prepared for a bullet-hell of a fight, because if your trigger finger lacks stamina, Earth may lack a future.

The DLC adds 11 characters, 22 weapons, 1 large stage, 1 bonus stage, 30 in-game unlocks and a 6 chapter adventure.

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Role-playing (RPG)
Single player
Vampire Survivors cover
Main game

Vampire Survivors


The President’s cousin’s sister’s dog has been kidnapped by Red Falcon. Are you bad enough to come to the rescue?

Vampire Survivors: Operation Guns artwork