🌍 May 23, 2024
Nintendo Switch

Dave the Diver: Godzilla

Monstrous giants lurk in the unfathomable depths of the Blue Hole, their formidable presence striking terror into the hearts of any who dare to venture into their domain. They interfere with Dave’s tranquil fishing pursuits, yet unwittingly become prime ingredients for his sushi restaurant. Their colossal forms lend an unexpected and savory twist to the culinary creations.

Godzilla, the mighty monarch of monsters whose legendary reign celebrates its 70th anniversary in 2024, now emerges to make a historic appearance within the depths of the Blue Hole.

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Role-playing (RPG)
Single player
Dave the Diver cover
Main game

Dave the Diver


While diving in the shadowy depths of the Blue Hole looking for fish, Dave is confronted with Godzilla, injured and recovering from his wounds. Wariness grips the mighty titan as he senses Dave’s approach, but it looks like he might just need some assistance from an unexpected ally.

Dave the Diver: Godzilla artwork Dave the Diver: Godzilla artwork