🌍 Sept. 28, 2023
Nintendo Switch

Angel Whisper: The Suspense Visual Novel Left Behind by a Game Creator.

This is the last work of a certain game creator who mysteriously disappeared. The cross reality ADV, known for its shocking conclusion.
"Angel Whisper", released by Child-Dream in 1999, became a major topic of conversation with its system of playing the posthumous game while browsing actual websites, raising the question, "Did this really happen?".

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Role-playing (RPG)
Visual Novel
Single player

"Why did he leave behind this game and disappear?" Game creator Yushima suddenly vanished from this world, and the only thing left behind was a single game, "Angel Whisper." The content depicted in the posthumous work was an event Yushima experienced in 1998. He joined a certain game company and began producing a game based on Nostradamus's prophecy of the end of the world. However, in the midst of production, a mysterious incident occurred, and he lost his colleagues. Within the game, the protagonist Yushima, while advancing development at the game company, chases after the mystery of the incident. Soon, Yushima confronts an inexplicable entity. What was Yushima pursuing, and what kind of incident did he get entangled in? Why did he leave behind this work? Play until the end, and discover his final intentions.

Angel Whisper: The Suspense Visual Novel Left Behind by a Game Creator. artwork