🌍 Oct. 18, 2023
Nintendo Switch

Warframe: Abyss of Dagath

Abyss of Dagath adds the quest for the 54th Warframe, Dagath, in a new Naberus-inspired story from the Entrati Grandmother. Dagath’s appearance and kit bear some resemblance to a certain equine companion you may have met in Duviri — and comes with a brand-new blade and whip melee weapon.

This update has some big changes that aim to improve the broader gameplay experience, including a major overhaul of companions and a rework for the aquatic swashbuckler, Hydroid!
Other planned changes include Auto-melee, a focus acquisition rework and the removal of flawed mods and MK-1 Weapons.

More information about Dagath and the full update will be revealed in the September Devstream ahead of Abyss of Dagath's release this October!

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Single player
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