🌍 Nov. 22, 2023
Nintendo Switch

Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection

The 8-and 16-bit era of Jurassic Park games returns! This Carbon Engine release not only includes a lineup of classic titles but also adds new features, including save states for each game, new in-game maps, and various quality-of-life fixes that bring these games into the modern era of gaming. The Jurassic Park Classic Games Collection includes Jurassic Park (NES, Game Boy, and SNES) and Jurassic Park Part 2: The Chaos Continues (Game Boy and SNES).

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Single player

JURASSIC PARK: The perilous primeval world of JURASSIC PARK awaits! Step into the role of Dr. Alan Grant! A computer malfunction has caused the release of hundreds of fearsome prehistoric predators. Vicious raptors, spitters, and T-Rex are threatening to overrun even the fortified visitor's compound...and two children, Tim and Lex, are lost in the island's jungle wilderness! To find and rescue them, you'll have to face some of history's most powerful and DEADLY carnivores. JURASSIC PARK 2: THE CHAOS CONTINUES: A year has passed, and no one has set foot in Jurassic Park...until now! As Dr. Grant, you'll venture back to the island, where more dinosaurs than you could ever imagine await your return. If you thought the first visit was a nightmare, wait until you meet the new attractions!

Jurassic Park: Classic Games Collection artwork