🌍 Nov. 15, 2023
Nintendo Switch

Hodgepodge Hunch

Hodgepodge Hunch is a who-done-it game where everyone chips in to make a hotpot dish. Collaborate with your buddies to collect ingredients in the dungeons and whip up a delicious feast. There's just one problem... A backstabber may be lurking among you who'll throw your dinner plans awry...

Nintendo eShop

Card & Board Game
Single player

After an unexpected turn of events, former hero Cocotte changes occupations and finds himself working at a hotpot shop, vying for victory in the Hotpot Contest—a festival where participants flaunt their hotpot-preparation prowess. However, when honing his cooking skills alongside his fellow staff, Cocotte discovers that their precious hotpot has been transformed into a dreaded Hodgepodge. Could there be a traitor among them…? The Staff members grow suspicious of one another, but their shop is simultaneously invaded by demons, stalkers, and all sorts of assassins. Is there truly a Spy? If so, then who? And more importantly—can they still win the Hotpot Contest?!

Hodgepodge Hunch artwork