🇯🇵 June 29, 2023
Nintendo Switch

9 R.I.P.

“This city has long been a land of many being spirited away, and those who are mentally ill or heavily distressed are more likely to be taken. Are you alright?” Protagonist Misa Isshiki is a second-year high school student. It was around the beginning of fall when her best friend said this to her, which gave her a shock. “I don’t believe in being spirited away, so I’m alright.” That’s right, she doesn’t believe in it. She just… feels lost because of a major distress—her career path. She hears a creepy voice whisper in her ears. “Let us find your path. I am the one who will tempt you into the darkness.” From that point on, strange things begin to occur around her…

Visual Novel
Single player

An otome visual novel about being spirited away.