Nintendo Switch

Green Hawk Platoon

Green Hawk Platoon is an action-packed, multi-player FPS that allows you to fight in the smallest army in the world! Team up with other plastic toy soldiers and wage war against other teams for control of the kitchen, bedroom or back yard!

Battle Royale

Ever play with those little green plastic army guys as a kid? Well, so did we. We just wanted to bring these guys back into 2023 and give them a make-over. Yes, there have been a few games out there that feature these little plastic dudes, but we weren't able to find any game with the mechanics we wanted. We wanted a huge, multiplayer Battle Royale with the same feel as other popular franchises in this genre. We've worked hard on getting the mechanics right, and staying true to the Battle Royale feel. Adding tanks, jeeps, helicopters, planes, controllable guns, turrets, parachutes and even grappling hooks and rockets, has really helped enrich the experience. We've also been working hard developing different weapons and classes for each soldier. Riflemen, Snipers, Heavy Machine-gunners, Grenadiers, Medics and Rocket Men are just some of the classes that we're working on!