🌍 Feb. 23, 2023
Nintendo Switch

Gal Guardians: Demon Purge

When a demon's castle darkens the land, two sisters challenge its halls. Together they can break the curse.

Players take control of the two sisters with different attacks and capabilities to challenge the demon castle and the bosses waiting within. Discover new routes through the castle using the sisters' unique abilities!

The stars of Grim Guardians are the long-distance focused "Shinobu Kamizono" and the close-range brawler "Maya Kamizono." Players will need to consider the situation when choosing which sister to control as they make their way through the castle, investigating the mystery of what happened to their school and its students.

Other features include 2-player co-op with special actions, extensive difficulty options with the "Style System," unique changes on repeat plays, and most importantly the quality and challenge players have come to expect from Inti Creates titles, this time with a new gothic horror aesthetic.

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Single player
Split screen

The Kamizono household. Home to a long lineage of demon hunters. Kamizono Shinobu and Kamizono Maya — the latest in this long line of demon hunters — return to school one day after finishing a job, only to find themselves in shock. Unbeknownst to them, the school had been turned into a demonic castle in their absence. What could have caused this? And what of the other students? With mysteries afoot and danger abound, only demon hunters have the ability to set things right. The Kamizono siblings fight once again. "When demons lurk near, we demon hunters appear!" "Kamizono siblings, move out!"

Gal Guardians: Demon Purge artwork