🌍 Oct. 5, 2023
Nintendo Switch

My Little Universe

Creating a world isn’t easy, but it’s certainly a whole load of fun, as you’ll find out in this exciting casual worldbuilding adventure game. It takes mining, crafting, logging, digging, smelting, construction and a little gardening to make the perfect planet, and you’ll have to do all that while fighting off primeval monsters intent on bringing an end to your divine plan. Armed with just a pickaxe and the almighty strength of your arms, get down to doing a god’s work and build a world of wonder in this addictive, original action game.

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Single player
Split screen

Have you of late lost all your mirth? Well, you’ll find mirth aplenty, along with hours of action and adventure, in My Little Universe. Take a sterile promontory and turn it into a beautiful, blooming planet that would make any god proud to be its master. Get digging, crafting, mining and building your way to divine grace and a little universe all of your own in this awesome little god game. Explore your beautiful planet in this open world simulator, become a godlike master in resource management and puzzle your way to enlightenment and divine grace. And, for those moments when being a god gets a little lonely, there’s a local co-op mode so you can get your friends to join you in this beautiful crafting and fighting adventure.

My Little Universe artwork