🌍 Q3 2023
Nintendo Switch



A voice wakes you. It gives you a purpose. To achieve it you have a notebook with mysterious entries, and an entire house to explore. The moment has arrived to complete your mission. If you desire. If you are able.


HEY YOU. WAKE UP. AND BRING ME BEAUTY. And then you wake up. In a dark room. It's cold and damp. It could be a basement. Maybe it's a cellar? It doesn't matter. Maybe you slept there last night, but you don't remember. Your head is cloudy. And swollen, because there's something inside it. You open the zip in the nape of your neck and you take out a notebook. It says "CLeM" on the cover. You open it and see that some of the pages have entries on them. They look like notes on insects and other kinds of bugs. There are drawings and symbols that seem vaguely familiar too, but you can't figure out why. You study them. And then you hear it again.

Clem artwork