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Nintendo Switch

Charade Maniacs for Nintendo Switch

Visual Novel

Port of the PS Vita game for Nintendo Switch.


In the near future, in a certain city. With summer break just around the corner the protagonist Hiyori, enjoys a peaceful life as a 2nd-year high school student. But one day as she and her childhood friend are heading home after school a mysterious figure suddenly appears before them and they are taken away to a strange world where two moons exist. She notices nine other people who have been put in the same situation. While they are trying to figure out what is going on a masked man begins to speak. "Welcome to another world, Arcadia!" "In this world, as long as you perform our 'drama', all of your wishes will be granted!" In order to leave this parallel universe and return to the real world, the protagonist and nine others have no choice but to cooperate to take part in this drama as a part of the cast. However, they discover that there is a traitor among the ten of them that were brought to this world. What is the traitor’s aim and the real reason this drama series is even happening in the first place? Swaying between suspicion and trust; at the end whose hand will you choose to take?

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Charade Maniacs