🌍 Nov. 25, 2021
Nintendo Switch

Pokémon Luminescent Platinum

Pokémon Luminescent Version is a mod for Pokémon Brilliant Diamond, inspired by the fantastic work of Drayano. Thousands of changes have been made to the base game, including (but by no means limited to) animation and texture changes, new forms for Pokémon coming from many other points of media such as Crystal Onix or Armored Mewtwo, the full Renegade Platinum main storyline (postgame upcoming), trade evolutions methods changed, more gift Pokémon throughout the storyline and so much more. This is a mod made by the community, for the community, so anyone is free to join the Discord and apply to join the development team.

Role-playing (RPG)
Turn-based strategy (TBS)
Single player
Pokémon Brilliant Diamond cover
Main game

Pokémon Brilliant Diamond