🌍 July 13, 2023
Nintendo Switch

Car Detailing Simulator

In Car Detailing Simulator, you have the chance to renew and restore shine to any car, commissioned by demanding customers! A good and well-kept car can be the pride of every car owner! Clean, polish and admire your car creations in this highly realistic game where every detail counts!

Nintendo eShop

Single player

Do you love watching full car restorations come to life with Larry Kosilla from AMMO NYC? Now, you can experience it for yourself. Car Detailing Simulator lets you uncover lost pieces of automotive history in an abandoned warehouse full of forgotten antique cars, then bring them back to your garage and restore them to their former glory! Polish the paint, shampoo the interior, find lost treasures and post the freshly restored car for sale online. With the profit, build out your own custom detailing shop, buy new tools, products and equipment to upgrade your detailing studio. Head back to the barn to uncover the next lost super car and continue honing your skills and building your detailing business.

Car Detailing Simulator artwork