🇯🇵 Oct. 21, 2021
Nintendo Switch

Blue Reflection: Second Light - Special Collection Box

Role-playing (RPG)

The Special Collection Box is a Japan-only release that includes: - Game: Blue Reflection: Second Light - Premium Box Inclusions - Artbook - Bath Towel - Acrylic Mini Character Charm - School Bag


The piercing blue sky, the clear and beautiful water around, the sun that burns the skin. ―― In the summer setting, one girl is lost in this world as if she was left behind. The girl's name is Ao Hoshizaki. In an isolated school, there are three girls who lived there that lost their memories. The only thing they knew about each other was their names. Ao lives a strange life with them to find a clue that can lead to her original world. One day, a path leading to a new place suddenly appears in a world that only a school and water exist. Ao and the other girls decided to follow it. Something familiar exists irregularity at the end of that place. Despite being confused, they walked forward to search for answers―― They encountered a monster that they have never seen before. The girls gain a mysterious power in a dangerous situation. A world trapped in summer, girls who have lost their memories. What will they get for solving this mystery?

Blue Reflection: Second Light cover
Main game

Blue Reflection: Second Light

Blue Reflection: Second Light - Special Collection Box artwork