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Nintendo Switch

The King of Fighters 2000

The King of Fighters 2000 features an improved Striker call system with the Active Striker System, which allows the player to call his Striker character in any situation, whether he is attacking or being attacked by the opponent, allowing him to use their strikers in combos. Moreover, in addition to the numerous nostalgic SNK characters returning as Another and Maniac Strikers, KOF 2000 welcomes newcomers such as Ramon, Vanessa, Seth, Lin, Hinako Shijo, and Kula Diamond.

Single player

After the incident at the previous tournament, the commander of the Ikari Team, Heidern, is determined to figure out the objective of the Nests cartel so that he can stop them from achieving their ruthless ambition. A fellow commander and long-time friend of Heidern, named Ling, tells the veteran fighter that K′ and Maxima were once operatives of Nests and that they may hold the key to locating the whereabouts of the mysterious organization. Using this information, Heidern decides to focus his efforts in using the next KOF tournament as a way to lure both K' and Maxima out so that they can be captured and interrogated into telling the authorities about the Nests cartel. Unknown to Heidern, however, Ling has his own agenda.

The King of Fighters 2000 artwork The King of Fighters 2000 artwork The King of Fighters 2000 artwork The King of Fighters 2000 artwork