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Nintendo Switch

Burger Master

Burger Master is a fun game where you need to create the best burger joint in town. In order to do that, you must do your best and bring in the best skills you have to fulfill the needs of your clients. This is an intense, fun and exciting game that constantly tests your cooking skills. There are 3 worlds in the game, with 60 different levels in each world. That gives plenty of opportunities to test out your experience and push it to the next level. As you play, you can use one of the 3 power-ups like Customer Happy Time, Coin Magnet and Automatic Hinting. All of these play a great role as you try to become better and better. There are 21 customer types, each one with their own unique requirements. You can even unlock ingredients, power-ups and characters as you go along. If you love great cooking games, try out Burger Master today and have fun preparing some amazing burgers!

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Burger Master artwork