🌍 June 29, 2021
Nintendo Switch

Blasphemous: Deluxe Edition

A foul curse has fallen upon the land of Cvstodia and all its inhabitants - it is simply known as The Miracle. This Deluxe Edition includes: Digital Comic: Take a journey back with us, to before the beginning of Blasphemous with the digital comic. Blasphemous OST: Be transported to the land of Cvstodia and all it's different terrains with the Blasphemous original soundtrack." Alloy of Sin' Skin: Slash any enemy that stands in your way with the 'Alloy of Sin' skin." Digital Artbook: Dive deep into the making of Blasphemous with the Digital Artbook." It’s down to you to free the world from this terrible fate and reach the origin of your anguish.

Blasphemous cover
Main game