Nintendo Switch

Chaos Party

Chaos Party is a fast-paced, friendship destroying party shooter set in a 2D universe.

Each game provides a new opportunity to try synergies with over a hundred weapons.
Should your overlord get lasered, missiled, or tossed into a black hole.
You still might have eight rounds to return the favour.
Chaos Party can be played solo or with up to 3 more players for even more clutch moments.

Split screen
Battle Royale

The universe beyond is called the Abyss, and every 100 million years of the universe's life is as fleeting to the Abyss as a bubble in boiling water. When the time comes, the tide of the Abyss will flood the universe, bringing the dead Eyger back to the Abyss, and bringing new Eygers with them to fight for the throne—armed with the remnants of the civilization that once was, Eygers battle to determine a master and begin a new cycle. This ritual came to be known as the Chaos Party.

Chaos Party artwork