🇺🇸🇨🇦🇲🇽 Sept. 24, 2020
🇪🇺 Sept. 23, 2020
Nintendo Switch



Welcome to Breakpoint, a twin-stick slasher that provides all the hectic action of a bullet hell with the crunchy satisfaction of melee combat. Unlike other twin stick games, there are zero ranged attacks in Breakpoint. You have to control the battlefield with a variety of physical attacks. Slice, smash, and crush your way through waves of enemies to defeat the swarm. Move and groove your way through each weapon skill tree building up to powerful AOE attacks to truly level the playing field. Reach new levels of digital carnage with the upgradable lethality of your weapons - become the ultimate champion and claim the high score by trying different combos and patterns. You can also check out the highest scoring runs instantly from their position on the leaderboard, anywhere in the world! Keep an eye on how your weapons are doing because once they break, the explosion can be a major tactical advantage.

Breakpoint artwork