Nintendo Switch


BulletVille is a free-to-play, multiplayer, third-person parkour hero shooter & platformer featuring a grapple hook, high-mobility and wacky characters.


The year is 3084. With the rest of the universe at peace under the governance of the Union of Galactic Species, one planet remains a haven for mayhem, debauchery and wanton violence: New Montana. When intergalactic decillionaire Tarvos Wayward boughtthe otherwise worthless, crime-infested planet, he opted to lean into the planet’s skeevy reputation and rescinded all the planet’s laws. New Montana fast became the one-stop destination for every murderer, runaway and glory-seeker in the universe. At the peak of the carnage, Tarvos Wayward announced the Treasure Rush: an invitation to every fortune-seeker on every planet to come to New Montana in search of riches. Scores of psychopaths rushed to buy Wayward-brand guns and ammo and docked at the planet’s Waypoint Station, embarkingon a quest to plunder the world’s riches, artefacts and treasures.